Exploring Europe's deep seas

HERMIONE had a comprehensive cruise programme planned that encompassed all our study areas. In total, HERMIONE scientists ran or participated in over 90 research cruises - a massive 1094 days at sea!.  The cruises ranged from mooring deployments to large-scale, multidisciplinary cruises that involved several partner institutions and made use of the latest in deep-sea technology, such as Remotely-Operated Vehicles, in order to further our knowledge of the deep-sea environment.

Wherever possible, HERMIONE published reports, or "cruise blogs", from our teams whilst at sea, via this website and through our partners' websites such as Classroom@Sea. Please use the links below to find out what our teams have been doing....

300px-rrs_james_cook_at_the_national_oceanography_centre_southamptonA 34-day expedition to study seabed habitats and sedimentary processes in the North-East Atlantic Ocean.
RRS James Cook cruise JC060, May-June 2011

moyens-pourquoi-pasExploring the mid-Atlantic ridge
MoMARSAT expedition aboard the RV Pourquoi Pas?, 1-16 October 2010

rvbelgicaDiving into the Whittard Canyon, Irish margin
RV Belgica expedition ST1017b, 19 - 29 June 2010


poseidonExploring cold-water corals and carbonate mounds in the Belgica Mound Province, Porcupine Seabight
RV Poseidon expedition POS400, 29 June - 15 July 2010

merianInvestigating chemosynthetic ecosystems in the eastern Mediterranean
RV Maria S. Merian expedition MSM13, 25 October - 14 December 2009


arkxxiv_smallInvestigating the effects of climate change on Arctic ecosystems
RV Polarstern expedition ARK-XXIV/2, July-August 2009


jc36_smallInvestigating fauna in the Whittard Canyon, NE Atlantic
RRS James Cook cruises JC35 and JC36, June-July 2009


st0914_smallExploring corals on the Galician margin and mud volcanoes in the Gulf of Cadiz:
RV Belgica cruise ST0914, May-June 2009