HERMIONE science-policy panel

A major achievement of the HERMES project was the initiation of the Science Policy Panel, comprising around 35 representatives from the European Commission, conservation agencies, hydrocarbon and fishing industries, together with a number of key HERMES scientists. The panel met three times during the course of the project to discuss current issues and challenges in development of policy and legislation in the marine environment.  Following this success, the Science-PolicyPanel initiative has continued as part of the HERMIONE project.

HERMIONE will implement several science-policy interface mechanisms, some of which have already proven very successful in the HERMES project. The objective of these interfaces is to link research and policy in order to (i) ensure the societal and policy relevance of research; (ii) ensure that policy-makers and stakeholders have access to good, relevant and timely scientific knowledge in support of policy developments; (iii) creating partnerships to facilitate rapid translation of research into policy advice at national, European and international levels.

One of the key science-policy interface mechanisms is the Science Policy Panel (SPP): a high-level panel composed of key European policy-makers, stakeholders from industry and NGOs, representatives of international institutions (including the International Seabed Authority) and leading scientists. The objective of the SPP is to ensure that scientific research progress and the strategies emerging from it are promptly brought to the attention of the relevant European and international policy-makers so that policy evolution can take place through constant iteration during the entire lifetime of the project. The panel will meet twice during the project, the first meeting taking place on 27 April 2010 in Brussels (see below for more details). The proceedings from the meetings of the HERMES Science Policy Panel can be accessed via the HERMES website.


HERMIONE second Science-Policy Panel meeting, Brussels, 19 September 2012

HERMIONE Science-Policy Panel meeting, Brussels, 27 April 2010