Eye on Earth: Map-Book collection on human impacts in deep-sea environments

HERMIONE, in collaboration with the European Environment Agency, has prepared a series of Eye on Earth-based interactive 'Map Books' that display the HERMIONE studies of anthropogenic impacts in the deep sea.[1] The collection is accessible directly at Eye on Earth.

The collection includes the following Map Books:

1.     Introduction: Human impacts in deep sea environments

2.     Marine Litter: Plastics and more, down to the deepest corners

3.     Chemical contamination in the deep sea

4.     Impacts of fishing on deep-sea ecosystems

To open the individual map books please click first on the 'list view' button on the top right of the page then click on the book you wish to explore. Maps are interactive, you can zoom in and out and by clicking on a data point you will access a pop-up with more information.

Should you have problems visualising the books, please ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed in your browser. To install it, visit www.adobe.com (go to Downloads then to Adobe Flash Player).

Any comments or inquiries about this the Map Books can be addressed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Median.


[1] Eye on Earth is a ‘global public information network’ for creating and sharing environmentally relevant data and information online through interactive map-based visualisations. See: http://www.eyeonearth.org for more information.