Chemosynthetic ecosystems: learn more!

Chemosynthetic ecosystems are some of the most interesting on Earth.  The animals that live in these places rely on chemicals to supply the energy they need to live, like sunlight does on land.  Certain types of bacteria are very important at chemosynthetic environments, because they are able to transfer the chemical energy into a more useful form for larger animals. 

You can find out more about these bacteria by looking at these storyboards about three types of hydrothermal vent bacteria: Thiomargarita, Beggiatoa and Arcobacter.  The stories are accompanied by fantastic computer animations to help explain what is happening.  Browse through these stories to find out more.

thiomargarita beggiatoa
Thiomargarita Beggiatoa
arcobacter vent1_h
And don't forget to click here to see a great interactive
hydrothermal vent illustration from the National Science
Foundation (USA) - work your way around a vent site