Videos and interactive resources


Take a look at our interactive map-book collection on human impacts in deep-sea environments, created by HERMIONE.  Here you can explore different types of human impacts and see real-life examples of where scientists have observed impacts in the deep sea.  Click on the image below!



corals_module_thumb seamounts_mod_thumb arcobacter
Learn about cold-water corals with
our interactive guide
Find out more about seamounts
with this tutorial
Click here to learn more about
chemosynthetic ecosystems and the
bacteria that live there


Look at some of our HERMIONE films here to learn more about different aspects of the deep sea.  Visit our youtube site for more videos.  You should also visit the MARUM youtube page - MARUM are a HERMIONE partner, and have a lot of interesting and educational videos about the deep sea.

film chemo marum_vid squid_vid
The new HERMIONE film about the
deep sea and the threats it faces
Chemosynthesis: interview with Antje Boetius
Life at a mud volcano
A friendly red squid investigates our equipment
baited_trap_canyon octopus_carlos_ribeiro_mv rov scabbard
A baited camera gives us a glimpse of the scavengers living in submarine canyons
Our ROV comes across a timid octopus
Getting an ROV back onto deck after a dive
A shoal of scabbard fish pose obligingly for the camera
geo_film bioluminescence methane_bubbles black_chimney
GEOSummit film on ocean observations
Filming bioluminescence in the deep sea
Methane bubbling up from the seabed!
Footage of a "black smoker" hydrothermal vent